On Tuesday 13th October BASCA presented John Logan with a Gold Badge Award in recognition for his contribution to British Music.

Here, on behalf of BASCA, journalist Mark Sutherland profiles John’s career at PRS for Music:

You can tell that John Logan has been at PRS for Music for quite a while by the fact that, when he joined in 1973, as a clerk in the index department, every composition had its own paper card detailing its writers, all held in strict alphabetical order.

A few things have changed since then as music (and indexing) transitioned into the digital age, but Logan has remained a constant. He has worked his way through the PRS ranks, moving on from indexing to become assistant, and then senior assistant, to the registrar, then deputy registrar and, in 1987, registrar himself.

He first became involved with the PRS for Music Members Benevolent Fund – which provides financial support and advice to songwriters, and dependants of songwriters, who have fallen on hard times – in 1977, becoming Secretary in 1985 and the fund’s first full-time General Secretary in 1991.

And Logan has long had an interest in the welfare of the songwriters and composers served by PRS. As PRS registrar, he helped bring in a loan scheme for members and, in his work for the Fund, he has sought to provide members with what he calls “a safety net for difficult times”.

He’s done it too. Last year, the Fund awarded 1,125 grants, paying out over £400,000 and, over the years, Logan has helped countless songwriters and composers get back on their feet whether through cash grants or help and advice with sheltered accommodation, health matters and debt management. Such help is in increasing demand –  while songwriting can undoubtedly be a richly rewarding business at the top end, Logan has always sought to also assist those for whom the hits have long since stopped coming.

He once declared that the Benevolent Fund would “meet the needs of PRS for Music members now, and in the future” and those members – whether current stars of the global hit parade, the hitmakers of yesteryear, or those just starting out – must be pleased to know they’re in such good hands.

After all, this is a man who has lived a live devoted to helping others – he also serves as a volunteer member on the Royal Variety Charity executive committee. Those index cards may have gone but it seems only right and proper that, today, John Logan gets something just as tangible back himself, in the form of a Gold Badge.

(c) Mark Sutherland 2015